Using the Library
Library Card
Opening Hours

·The library is free and open to public, readers can register with proof of identification.

·The library recognizes the special needs of older people and those with disabilities.

· Readers are expected to meet acceptable levels of personal hygiene and dress, no underclothes or slippers inside the library.

·All readers with bags who wish to enter the main collection area are asked to put their bags at the Cloak Room.

·Smoking is strictly prohibited and readers must not carry inflammable and explosive materials into the library.

·Food must not be taken or eaten in the main library area, authorized catered functions are exempt.

·The reader activities inside the library are excluded to entertainment and profit business.  

·Maintain a quiet environment, please switch mobile phones to silent mode when entering the library area.

·Observe public order, queue up for security check, registration, using computer, lending and returning books.

·Take good care of the collection and all public property, damage shall be paid in accordance with the regulation.

·Maintain a neat environment, scribbling and littering are not permitted.

·Please abide by the regulation of Shandong Library and follow the guidance of staff.

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